Al's Pals is a one-on-one mentoring program serving youth in the Tuscaloosa community. Programs take place after-school from 2:30-5:00 pm on Monday through Thursday.

Website: Al's Pals


Team Leader:

Jessika Banks

Assistant Team Leaders:

Jaime Carraway                  Allyson Pitzel

Bayleigh Hicks                     Anna Pruitt

Caylee O'Connor                 Caitlin Strohm


During Spring 2015, over 550 students served as mentors. Mentors help their mentees with homework, reinforce reading and math skills, and join them in enrichment and recreational activities. Al's Pals mentors are paired with students in grades 1-5 after school on Mondays-Thursdays from 2:30 pm until 5:00 pm.


Applications are NOW being accepted for Fall 2015. They can be found online HERE or in paper form HERE!

Returning mentor applications can be found HERE!!