Al's Pals

Coordinator, Al's Pals: Lynette Campos, M.Ed

Team Leader: Caylee O'Connor

Assistant Team Leaders: Leslie Barton; Jasmine Blair; Alyssa Campbell; Jaime Carraway;

Fiona Coupe; Khiante Falls; Madeline Keeney; Allyson Pitzel; Marco Santana;Caitlin Strohm


Social Media:

Facebook -

Instagram - @alspalsUA

Twitter - @AlsPalsUA

We are no longer recruiting for Fall 2016.

SKILLS DEVELOPED INCLUDE: Civic responsibility; conflict management/resolution;

adaptability; decision making.

MISSION: To enrich the lives of children in the Tuscaloosa community through one-on-one mentoring with university students.

PURPOSE: Al's Pals mentors are required to commit weekly one afternoon Monday through Thursday from 2:45-5pm to serve elementary students in 1st - 5th grade at one of our local school sites during the whole semester.

Each year, over 1,000 university students serve as mentors and Student Leaders to help their mentees with homework, reinforce reading and math skills, and join them in enrichment and recreational activities.