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Stories of Service

"My trip to Greensboro was more than just "something to do." I gained knowledge about the poverty of Greensboro, got a chance to help the town out, and experienced a piece of history."
   -Kierra Stevenson, MLK Alternative Break Participant

"It was a great experience to interact with people who are very different from my social and cultural background but similar on believing in positive values and willing to give back to society."
   -Fnu Shalini, MLK Alternative Break Participant

"The friendships I developed, the smiles I brought to others, and the knowledge about life that I gained will never be forgotten."
   -Stephen Swinson, MLK Alternative Break Participant

"This trip was a great way to meet other students at UA that you may not have normally encountered. It was nice to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle on a college campus without having to travel too far away, and it is always fulfilling to know you have helped other people through your service."
   -Charlotte Brown, Alternative Fall Break Participant

"This trip was a great opportunity to meet new people. The whole group was very friendly and relaxed. It was also amazingly diverse... out of eight students, at least 3 races, both sexes, various religious affiliations, and international students were represented, but I think everyone got along very, very well. I would love to participate again because of the opportunity to meet other people."
   -Joe Pavlisko, Alternative Fall Break Participant


"It was the best experience to be able to enjoy travel and culture along with other UA students from so many different areas of campus. We probably would have never gotten the opportunity to come together for a week like we did. We spent quality time together, served in a community, and learned from each other. It was truly special and life-changing. Every student should have the chance to experience this."

-Libby Loveless, Alternative Spring Break Participant

"This was one of the most difficult, but by far the most rewarding community service project that I have ever participated in. Being able to work with the native population, see how much we have in common, and finish this service project was amazing"
   -Alternative Winter Break Participant

"This trip had everything I could have wanted on it. The service was intense and changed the way I think about doing community service. The area was so beautiful and the rafting was amazing. I made some lifelong friends, and I got to do my part to help people in need. This is something that everyone should do while they are at UA."
   - Alternative Winter Break Participant