A Note from The Director

Hello Everyone & Roll Tide!


    We are excited that you are interested in being part of the Center for Service and Leadership as we embark to make a difference in the Tuscaloosa & University of Alabama communities by engaging in service and participating in active leadership.


    There are many wonderful aspects surrounding service. First and foremost, anyone can serve. Regardless of your background, skills, educational level, or abilities, you are NEEDED to do service in this community. Second, when you do engage in service, you will experience educationand culture in a new light as you are introduced to people from all different walks of life. You will learn more about yourself and others. You will be pushed to think of the role that service should play in each of our lives as we become more engaged community members. You might even determine what you want to do with your life or solidify what you are already passionate about. Third, service really does matter and make a difference. Meaningful service is transformational not only for communities but also for individual lives.


    We are also here to assist you with your leadership development journey.  We believe that leadership is a process and not a position and we are committed to helping facilitate that process while you are at UA. Whether it be through cultural humility trainings, participating in a one day conference like UA Leads, or join an on-going class like Leadership UA there are many ways to you to explore your own leadership.  We believe that through creating engaged leadership opportunities that we will in turn help create active citzens that will truly see their role in creating a better tomorrow.


    The Center for Service and Leadership is here to give you the opportunities to engage in meaningful service and engaged leadership which will both lead to measurable change. We have short term service opportunities available throughout the year to introduce you to service.  We hope that this exposure to service and leadership will provoke you to become involved in sustained service and leadership while you are a student here at the Capstone.


    Look over our website, give us a call, send us an email, find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or drop in to see us. We are here to help you find ways to engage and make a difference in your community and world. Help us as we set out to make the world a better place for tomorrow!


Courtney Chapman Thomas, MSW




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