Alternative Break: BEYOND BAMA

Click Here to See Newscasts about Alternative Spring Break 2014

Click Here to See Newscasts about Alternative Spring Break 2014

Alternative Break Applications

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Alternative Break trips allow students to travel to communities in parts of the country and the world and engage in service and experimental learning during university holiday breaks. These short-term service trips provide an all-inclusive experience for students while providing a learning experience on issues such as literacy, poverty, racism, hunger, homelessness, and the environment. These trips are fundamentally life-changing for the students and those whom they serve.

The Center for Service and Leadership began taking students on Alternative Break trips in 1995. The first trip was at the Boys and Girls Club of Tuscaloosa where students worked to positively impact the community youth. As interest grew, more and more projects were added locally, nationally, and internationally. Since the first trip 20 years ago, it’s evident that students want to serve and the CSL can help them get there. Alternative Break trips include Alternative Fall Break, Alternative Winter Break, Alternative Spring Break, and Alternative May Interim Break.

The purpose of the program is to involve college students in community-based service projects and to give students opportunities to learn about the problems faced by members of communities with whom they would otherwise have little or no contact with. Being completely immersed into diverse environments enables students to experience, discuss, and understand social issues in a significant way.

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Previous Alternative Break Trips

2014-2014 Alternative Break Trips

Fall Break: Selma, AL (Freedom Foundation)

Winter Break: Tuscaloosa, AL (House United, Habitat for Humanity)

Spring Break Trip 1: Emerald Isle, North Carolina (Animal Rehabilitation, Possumwood Acres)

Spring Break Trip 2: Managua, Nicaragua (Panorama Service)


2013-2014 Alternative Break Trips

Fall Break: Guinn, AL (Habitat for Humanity)

Winter Break: Auburn, AL (House United, Habitat for Humanity)

Spring Break: Moore, OK (Tornado Recovery, Habitat for Humanity)

2012-2013 Alternative Break Trips

Fall Break: Huntsville, AL (Habitat for Humanity)

Winter Break: New Orleans, LA (mentoring & education)

MLK Weekend: Greensboro, AL (Habitat for Humanity)

Spring Break: Hattiesburg, MS (disaster relief)

May Interim: Dominican Republic (medical projects, teaching English, working in orphanages)

2011-2012 Alternative Break Trips

Fall Break: Walker County, AL (Habitat for Humanity)

Winter Break: Memphis, TN (hunger and homelessness)

MLK Weekend: Greensboro, AL (Habitat for Humanity)

Spring Break Trip 1: Baldwin County, AL (Habitat for Humanity House United Project)

Spring Break Trip 2: Guatemala (construction and mentoring)

May Interim: Dominican Republic (construction and teaching English)

2010-2011 Alternative Break Trips

Fall Break: Waveland, MS (Habitat for Humanity)

Winter Break: Dominican Republic (working in orphanages, Haiti relief efforts)

MLK Weekend: Greensboro, Alabama (Habitat for Humanity)

Spring Break Trip 1: Memphis, Tennessee (inner city & homeless shelter programs)

Spring Break Trip 2: Guatemala (construction projects, mentoring)

May Interim Trip 1: Guelph, Ontario, Canada (sustainability & environmental service)

May Interim Trip 2: Talmanca, Costa Rica (Alabama Action Abroad- Honors College)

2009-2010 Alternative Break Trips

Fall Break: Demopolis, AL (community building with Army Corps of Engineers)

Winter Break: San Juan, Costa Rica (building water purification system in village in the rain forest)

MLK Weekend: Greensboro, AL (Hale County Habitat for Humanity & the Pie Lab)

Spring Break: Chicago, IL (inner city school program, Chicago Parks Commission, & Food Depository)

Spring Break: Volcan, Panama (working with area schools tutoring and mentoring)
May Interim: Talmanca, Costa Rica (Alabama Action Abroad- designing curriculum, teaching English)

2009: Chicago, IL (community building)

2008: San Juan, Costa Rica (sea turtle habitat restoration project)
2007: Sacramento, California (environmental projects)

2007: Xalapa, Mexico (environmental projects)
2006: Savannah, Georgia (Habitat for Humanity)

2006: Various regions of South Alabama (Hurricane Katrina clean-up)
2005: West Palm Beach, Florida (Habitat for Humanity)
2003: Charleston, South Carolina (construction work)
2002: Kingston, Jamaica (Salvation Army School for the Blind); New Orleans, LA (Habitat for Humanity)
2001: Kingston, Jamaica (Mona Rehabilitation Center); NYC, NY (9/11 clean-up); Long Beach, CA (Habitat for Humanity)
2000: Kingston, Jamaica (Mona Rehabilitation Center); Sugar Grove, Virginia (environmental projects)
1999: Orlando, Florida (homeless shelters)
1998: Hart Miller Island, Maryland/Washington D.C. (environmental projects)
1997: Paducah, Kentucky (Habitat for Humanity)
1996: Spartanburg, South Carolina (Habitat for Humanity)
1995: Tuscaloosa, Alabama (Boys and Girls Club)