TEAM LEADER: Tyler Sullivan
Cat Cary; Dwyer Freeman; Janet Ruppert


SKILLS DEVELOPED INCLUDE: Exposure to outside communities; interview skills; coaching;

& team work/group dynamics.

PURPOSE: To organize events for the UA student body during Fall, Winter, and Spring breaks. To also
promote service once a month through Habitat for Humanity projects.

***Trips listed on bottom of page***

Alternative Break trips allow students to travel to communities in parts of the country and the
world, and engage in service and experimental learning during university holiday breaks. These
short-term service trips provide an all-inclusive experience for students while providing a
learning experience on issues such as literacy, poverty, culture, hunger, homelessness, and the environment. These trips are fundamentally life-changing for the students and those served.
The Center for Service & Leadership (CSL) began taking students on Alternative Break trips in 1995.
The first trip was to the Boys and Girls Club of Tuscaloosa where students worked to positively
impact the community youth. As interest grew, more and more projects were added locally,
nationally, and internationally. Since the first trip 19 years ago, it's evident that students want
to serve and the CSL can help them get there. Alternative Break trips include Alternative Fall
Break, Alternative Winter Break, and Alternative Spring Break

The purpose of the program is to involve college students in community-based service projects and
to give students opportunities to learn about the problems faced by members of communities with
whom they would otherwise have little or no contact with. Being completely immersed into diverse environments enables students to experience, discuss, and understand social issues in a significant way.

The CSL has also taken students to Nicaragua with Panorama Service Expeditions. Students worked in
a school where they taught ESL and computer literacy and built a library. The students were able to
engage with children on many different levels throughout the week. This allowed the group to have a
glimpse into the culture of the people of Nicaragua. The group also traveled around the country for
a day to see the vast culture that the country has to offer.

One participant shared, "This experience was a humbling experience for me. It reminded me that so
many people around the world do not have things we, so often, take for granted and the importance
of helping others when we can."

"Though I will take away many things from this trip, by far the highlight of the trip and what I
will take away most from the trip is the relationships I built. I am so grateful to have met each
and every person who went on this trip. If I had not gone on this trip, I probably would not have
known any of these people, just other faces on campus, so I was so happy to step outside of the



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2016-2017 Trips

Beyond Bama: Guin (Fall Break) application

Beyond Bama: Baton Rouge (Fall Break) application

Beyond Bama: Nicaragua (Winter Break) application

Beyond Bama: Greensboro (Winter Break) application

Beyond Bama: Ghana (Summer Break) application